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Implement un-merge capability


Implement the un-merge capability in the data persistence layer.

Since there seems to be a coalescing of functionality in the CR I would suggest a new service be defined in MARC.HI.EHRS.CR.Core called IClientRegistryDataService and adds the following methods:
StoreResultData { 
    List<> Details { get; set; }
    List<> Issues { get; set; }
    VersionedDomainIdentifier Version { get; set; }

Query(QueryData) : QueryResultData
Register(RegistrationEvent, PersistenceMode) : StoreResultData
Update(RegistrationEvent, PersistenceMode) : StoreResultData
Merge(RegistrationEvent, RegistrationEvent, PersistenceMode) : StoreResultData
UnMerge(RegsitrationEvent, PersistenceMode) : StoreResultData